Frequently Asked Questions

Where will you go on your trip?

We will follow America's Great Loop Route.

When will you leave on your trip?

We are leaving on October 7, 2023!! 

Who will go on the trip with you?

Primarily John & Kim will be on the boat. 

How long will the trip take?

We expect this adventure to take about 1 year. This will include a few trips home for visits. Got to see our grandbabies!!

Are friends invited to join you?

Yes, Friends and Family are welcome to join us. They will be asked to help cover their costs and work as crew while with us. We have  a schedule to coordinate timing of guests.

Will you take side trips while on the route?

Oh YES! The adventure is in meeting new people and seeing the eastern half of our country. We are excited to see as much as we can. 

What will you do with your house?

We are keeping our home and will have someone living in it while we are gone.


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Davenport, IA 52804, US

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God has blessed us with a wonderful marriage and friendship. We both love adventures and for our 20th Anniversary we are going on the greatest adventure of our lives (so far)!